Can I Ever Have My Driving Record Sealed?

Perhaps in the past you had a bit of a lead foot. Maybe the court had a warrant out for your arrest because you failed to show up for a hearing on your seatbelt charge. Whatever the case may be, you may wonder, “Can I get that cleared up so no one can see it?” It’s a tricky response, but the answer is no, but sometimes yes.

In Ohio, a number of offenses can be sealed or expunged from your record. Unfortunately, driver’s license violations, under O.R.C. Chapter 4507, and motor vehicle violations, under O.R.C. Chapter 4511, do not fall into this category. Because driving offenses become part of your permanent driving record they can never be expunged (this includes OVI/DUI).

There may be a way, with some cooperation from the court and an agreeable prosecutor, to bypass the bars setup by the legislature to allow you the ability to expunge your old traffic conviction. If you would like to learn more about how this could be done, contact Attorney Robert Botnick and see how he may be able to help you clear up your past.

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  1. I have 18 convictions of minor traffic violations (speeding mostly, seat belt, brake light etc) on my Ohio BMV record. I am applying to be an airline pilot and am wondering if I am able to expunge any of them? None of them were tied to a criminal conviction that was overturned.

    If it is possible to get any of them expunged please let me know.

    1. Although it’s not possible to expunge your permanent driving record in Ohio, there may be alternative methods to having traffic convictions removed from your record. Contact my office and I’ll be happy to discuss tactics that have worked for my clients in the past. You can schedule an appointment by emailing me at or by phone: 216-245-9245. Thank you!

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